Friday, July 16, 2010


AbundanceofLife: "'I often wonder why some young people make it so big in Life, while so many others, with seemingly equal potential and opportunity, lose out..." Sushil Handa

The 5 Principles of Abundance

Every human being has 9 aspirational points, namely, Health, Wealth, Relationship, Fame, Children's Growth, Helpful Friends, Career Growth, Knowledge and Blessings. Even if one of these aspirational points is missing, one begins to feel uncomfortable, and life is incomplete.

According to Zen Masters there are 5 Principles of Abundance, which help us to achieve our life aspirations in full. They are...

1st Principle

Remember that God does not choose to discriminate while giving.
For God everyone is equal. He gives all of us the same life aspirations. It is up to us to take whatever we want. We cannot blame God if any life aspirations are missing in our life. We create blockages in our mind and in the environment, accept limitations and beliefs that curb our thinking and growth.

2nd Principle

Be a limitless person and accept the universe as it is
God has made us to get the best of everything in this world. We deserve it. There is no limit for one’s aspirations and dreams. If someone says, “It is not possible”, it is his limitation, not yours.

3rd Principle

Whatever be your intention, you will get it
If you have a strong intention, your efforts get adjusted to your intention and the universe conspires for you to achieve the same.

4th Principle

Negative words multiply and come back to us hundred times. Positive words multiply and come back to us hundred times
The thoughts we carry and the words we speak also have energy. It is, therefore, very essential to avoid negative thoughts and words and continuously have positive thoughts and words.

5th Principle

Clutter blocks energy
Clutter is anything, which we carry in our life, which has no value for us now. It could be physical or mental clutter. With awareness when we remove the clutter, prosperity fills in.

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  1. Sir, to me constant removal of mental clutter paves the way to success and achievement. It often requires a mentor, a philosopher and a guide who can help the young people to become aware about the clutter and remove the same. Your thoughts and inputs have always been a source of awareness and energy for me.